AFA get Locked in a Room!

Pitting their wits against various design challenges is an everyday occurrence for Architects and Structural Engineers.

So when you plonk them in a locked room, making them solve a series of mind-boggling puzzles and clues, in order to make their way out within an allotted time of just one hour, just look what happens!

A team of 12 from AFA (including two structural engineers sharing our offices: Goss Structural and Elemental Structures) faced a fun yet astonishingly tough mental challenge last night, playing the Infinity game at Locked in a Room, Bristol.

Thankfully, all who got locked in managed to solve the complex mystery game before the allotted time and agreed it was a highly memorable experience, swiftly followed by a refreshing drink on the Harbourside as a warm and sunny April evening came to a close.

We’ll be back for more, that’s for sure!