AFA Go Paddle Boarding

The latest scorcher of a heatwave to hit the South West has certainly brought out the adventurous side in us here in Bristol!

Justin Morris arranged a thoroughly immersive session of Paddle Boarding (including the fine weather!) down on the Floating Harbour, led by the friendly and helpful team at SUP Bristol.

Those of us who were brave enough to attempt standing on the boards even went as far as attempting tricks such as ‘paddleboard wheelies’ (sitting on the very back end of the paddleboard to see how far the nose would tip), whilst Justin successfully attempted a yoga headstand down at the ss Great Britain on his.  Andy Watson tried balancing on one foot like a flamingo, which as you can imagine ended with a bit of a splash, but he’s always been a bit of a daredevil!

(And of course, there were others…but all carried out with ‘commitment’ – aka with great aplomb, to the amusement of all, including those who went overboard…)

The Harbour Master also made a frequent appearance creating a bit of surf, livening up events somewhat!

A minority were happy just to glide along on our knees and take in the scenery, but there’s always a next time.

To cap it all off, those who needed a bit of recovery relished in a trusty, cold and tasty beverage at the Nova Scotia, chinking glasses to congratulate each other on a superb effort.

July’s event will be hosted by Ben Gregory – Rounders on the Downs!