Underfall Yard

Client: Underfall Yard Trust

The Underfall Yard is a Schedule Ancient Monument and the proposals for the site include restoration and conversion of a number of historic 19th Century buildings into a Maritime Centre of Excellent including a learning centre and significant improvements to the public realm.

Proposed alterations and general refurbishment of all buildings was informed by City Docks Character Appraisal, the wider site’s Conservation Management Plan, and a full Condition Survey which was commissioned for the project.

The guidance afforded by these documents was underpinned by constructive dialogue between Historic England, the Trust, the Conservation Consultant and Alec French Architects.

Due to the nature of the project and the works entailed, discussions with Historic England led to a Heritage Partnership Agreement being put in place to cover minor repairs and renewal of the buildings within the Scheduled Monument.

Much of the work that has taken some 17 months to complete will remain unseen but it has halted the water ingress into the structures which over decades had caused extensive damage to masonry and the steel and timber structure.

The Trust opened the doors of its Visitor Centre in the spring 2017, free to access, and are delighted that they have so far welcomed over 42,000 visitors.

The photo to the left looks over the restored rooftops and passed the chimneys in the Yard towards the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
The seating outside the Visitors centre offers an excellent place to dwell and enjoy refreshments from the Pickle café whilst sitting by the harbour.