Launchpad is a partnership between United Communities Housing Association, Bristol University Students Union, 1625 Independent people (1625ip) and Bristol City Council with the support of property industry charity LandAid. The vision is to create a diverse, supportive and sustainable community of Bristol University students, young people moving on from 1625ip and young key workers, linked within their local and Bristol University community.

Members, through self-management of the scheme will contribute to their community, become active citizens, gain valuable skills, make friendships and take ownership of decisions and their lives.

The scheme includes 34 self contained 1 bedroom apartments with a shared communal space as well as a laundry, bin store and secure cycle parking. The apartments are arranged over three storeys and accessed off a covered secure walkway.
Each apartment has been designed to be energy efficient, fully constructed off site and delivered on the back of a lorry. The intention is that the development will be on site for a maximum of 10 years and can then be relocated.

The modular units are currently being fabricated up in Hull by Integra Buildings with the first units due for completion next week.