As part of the Wapping Wharf Masterplan, Cargo Work provides office space in re-purposed shipping containers within the confines of the Grade II listed gaol walls on the junction between Cumberland Road and Wapping Road.

The scheme occupies the same footprint as the old JS Fry Warehouse. A central atrium provides lots of natural light at all levels, with open-plan office space on either side across 5 levels. One new opening in the listed wall is proposed to provide a central main entrance. Large format illuminated lettering is proposed to the top of the listed wall to signpost the development.

The overall height and scale of the new proposals have been carefully considered in relation to the permitted designs for Wapping Wharf Blocks E and G which are adjacent, and with regard to views from the surrounding roads.

The high stone walls will be fully restored inside and out. It will be possible to appreciate the walls which will be exposed to view for the first time in over 100 years.

Outside the walls, a new landscaped scheme will provide a generous area of new public realm, including a loading bay close to the main entrance. The pedestrian route to the west of the site, called Fry’s Walk, which links Cumberland Road to the new Rope Walk through Wapping Wharf, is to be lowered by 1 metre to replace steps with a shallow ramp suitable for wheelchair use and bicycles.