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Travel Travel for business purposes accounts for around 20% of our carbon foot print and very much dependent on the location of our projects. To encourage green travel modes we have: a) commuter shower and changing room b) onsite cycle store / drying room c) office electric bike. d) web hosting equipment within our conference room for teleconferencing, to negate the need to travel. e) mileage allowance for travelling by bicycle. f) an endorsed cycle to work purchase scheme.

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Materials Our consumables, furniture purchases, IT and computers, and waste streams are constantly being improved for efficiencies. On their own these changes are small, but cumulatively have a really worthwhile impact: a) Water meter fitted. b) Water saving devices added to cisterns. c) Shower timer. d) Double side and reduced format printing (2 pages per sheet). e) Formatting of documents to allow reduced size printing (ie A1 to A3, or A3 to A4) without visible loss of information. f) In [...]

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Energy Gas and electricity accounts for around 40% of our carbon foot print and we have conscientiously tried to reduce this where ever possible. As an example our gas usage in 2014 reduced by 36% from measures put in place (loft insulation, draught proofing etc). Over recent years we have: a) replaced halogen lighting with high efficiency LEDs. b) replaced the kettle with an instantaneous hot/cold water tap c) upgraded photocopiers, server and computers for more efficient models. d) added a high speed internet [...]

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Fabric We are a tenant within a historic city centre premises and are relatively limited in what we can do to the fabric of the building, but we have over the past few years: a) installed double glazed opening atrium roof lights for natural ventilation, and thermostatic opening controls with rain sensors b) added extra loft insulation, funded in part through European grant funding c) added Seasonal draught proofing to windows.

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