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Alec French Architects 90th Anniversary – 2000s

The reputation of the practice continued to rise from the outset of the new Millennium.

Alec French Architects 90th Anniversary – 1990s (Education)

The 1990s saw the Alec French Partnership build on the new design direction which began in the preceeding decade. A wide range of award winning projects covering an ever broadening number of sectors would help redefine the practice.

Alec French Architects 90th Anniversary – 1980s

During the 1960s, the range of buildings the practice delivered continued to evolve. A number of speculative and end-user office buildings were developed alongside purpose-built university buildings, wine cellars, and more. The architectural style also evolved into a much more modernist approach characteristic of the decade as witnessed across the country.

Green light for Wapping Wharf’s plans to extend successful shipping container concept to workspace

The go-ahead has been given for plans to create innovative new workspace at Wapping Wharf, Bristol’s popular new harbourside neighbourhood.