Design Approach

  • Patchway Locality Hub
  • Sheepdrove Eco-Conference Centre
  • Horizon House, Bristol
  • Netham Pavilion, Bristol

We have a holistic approach to design which considers any number of factors relevant to that particular project. Sustainability is always one of the key considerations because of our responsibility as architects to reduce the impact our designs have on the environment and ensuring that they contribute positively to society.

We believe in a collaborative approach to sustainability that fully engages the client, design team and other stakeholders to develop a solution that considers energy, water, materials, waste, transport, pollution, ecology and health & wellbeing.

Reducing energy use is fundamental and we follow the Lean, Clean, Green approach engaging closely with the services consultant in particular:

  • Lean
    Reducing energy demand through good design considering; orientation, daylight, natural ventilation, airtightness, solar control, external envelope specification and glazing in particular.
  • Clean
    Working with consultants and contractors to ensure energy efficient and appropriate services strategies are developed including controls and monitoring.
  • Green
    Challenging and encouraging appropriate use of low carbon and renewable technologies that are fully integrated into the design.