We are aware that our business activities impact on the environment and our committed to monitoring and reducing our energy, resource and waste emissions.

As set out in our ISO 14001 system, we seek to:

  • Endorse Bioregional ‘One Planet Living’ principles,
  • Take action to eliminate or reduce, adverse environmental impacts,
  • Use appropriate low embodied energy materials or those which are upcycled, recycled or recyclable at end of life,
  • Consider life cycle perspective analysis within our designs,
  • Encourage employees to work and travel in an environmentally responsible manner,
  • Adopt purchasing policies for products and services which cause the least harm to the environment,
  • Minimise the generation of waste, promote the use of sustainable resources and use materials, supplies and energy in the most efficient manner possible,
  • Ensure waste generated is recycled or disposed of in a responsible manner.

We have been calculating our carbon footprint since 2010 and as part of our environmental ethos we have made improvements year on year and are committed to minimising our emissions, setting yearly reduction targets of between 10 to 20% for key aspects:

  • Electricity, gas and water,
  • Electronics, furniture and consumables,
  • General waste and recycling,
  • Commuting and business travel.

Since 2017 we have been working with Natural Capital Partners (The Carbon Neutral Company) to formalise our business carbon footprint and demonstrate our continued commitment to the environment.

We’re proud that as of 2017, Alec French Architects is a certified Carbon Neutral® company and supporting offsetting projects which conserve and restore forests around the world for our Carbon Neutral® business certification.

The Climate Action Hub ‘Habitat’ portfolio projects enable us to make a positive contribution against global deforestation.  By purchasing carbon credits to offset our business emissions, we are providing essential funds which support forest communities to build sustainable livelihoods, protect trees and enhance biodiversity.