Tree planting 2015 ~ Part 3 : Brandon Trust Elm Tree Farm

Brandon Trust Elm Tree Farm

When organising our final tree planting, we were keen to plant our 2015th tree before the end of the Bristol European Green Capital 2015, when the title goes to the Slovenia city of Ljubljana for 2016.

Planting in December, we were nervous we’d encounter frozen ground, but the opposite happened – such a mild autumn meant the trees were only just ready to be replanted (bare root stock) from the Chew Valley Trees nursery. With no frost over the past month, the recently lifted apple trees even retained a few leaves (a sure sign of mild weather)!

A slight departure from our normal schemes, we had the pleasure of planting apple, pear and greengage fruit trees at the Brandon Trusts’ Elm Tree Farm over in Stapleton, Bristol. The trees were larger in size, being a ‘half standard’ approximately 2m in height, which should add a good crop of fruit in the future, for the Trust to sell at their newly opened farm shop.

As you would expect from a farm, the top soil was of good quality and very easy to dig out the tree pits, which were dotted around in various locations. Inquisitive chickens kept us company whilst we dug the holes for their new apple trees.

Thankfully the pigs were not in the field when we dug the pits for the two pear trees, but their recent good work of turning the earth over was. In waterlogged fields we got stuck in the quagmire and finished digging just in time for the trees being delivered.

With a bit of ‘wise’ hole digging, the three of us dug in the trees with additional compost, stakes and mulch to give them a good start.

We are really pleased to have added fruit trees to the farm and would like to thank Anna and Keily from the Brandon Trust for organising the event.

We are also delighted to have achieved our overall target by planting our 2015th tree.